WordPress is 10 Years Old

matt the wordpress founderWordPress Turns 10
It is amazing to me to think that WordPress is only 10 years old. I say that because it feels as though it has been around forever. The founding developer is Matt Mullenweg. Congrats to Matt and everyone else involved with WordPress. Matt wrote a post on May 27th, 2013 here about how time has passed since he and some friends decided to create WordPress. That is also what I love about the story. This is, in my opinion, one of the most important pieces of open source software ever created and has had a substantial impact the web, including but not limited to information dissemination and the proliferation of blogs and other websites.

Here is a little bit about Matt’s background from TechWeek Chicago

“Matt Mullenweg, Founding Developer, WordPress
Mullenweg is the founding developer of the popular open-source blogging software WordPress, which powers nearly 20 percent of the Web. It’s hard to find a power list that Mullenweg isn’t on. He’s on PC World’s Top 50 People on the Web, Inc.com’s 30 under 30, Business Week’s 25 Most Influential People on the Web, and Vanity Fair’s Next Establishment.”


Hosting Specifically for WordPress

Are you equipped with WordPress hosting?
If your blog is growing bigger with each passing day, you may want to have someone manage the hosting for you. Why would you need someone to handle this for you? There is no one straightforward answer to this but there are a couple of reasons. For one, when a service provider does the job for you, you can focus on other important things regarding your blog as opposed to the management and maintenance of the content management system.

WordPress Hosting is by and large a blog maintenance and updating technique. You could do this on your own. However, having a professional deal with the hosting for you is a totally different ball game because then you would divert your time and effort towards building the worth of your blog and leave the groundwork to your service provider. By doing so, you can benefit on several different levels. Go Daddy allows you to simply click a button with their web hosting plan and have WordPress automatically installed. If you use a godaddy hosting promo you can save up to 30% on everything including hosting. The specific deal depends on the month and what deal happens to be offered at that time.

wordpress hosting

One, you can spend more time on beefing up the content on your blog which in turn will augment the traffic to your site. Two, you could spend dedicated resources towards marketing your blog. And, three all the time that you get from not involving yourself in WordPress hosting could be spent on figuring out ways to improve your page ranking on popular search engines.

This is just one part of the story, you could actually be doing a big favor to yourself by assigning WordPress hosting to a true professional service provider.

Bottom-line is that for someone who is solely engaged in developing and maintaining content on the blog, hosting needs a totally different approach of expertise and experience. So, the moral of the story is to hire a professional who is good at what he does and is someone who gives you value for the money you spend. Take a look at GoDaddy wordpress hosting.

Increase Your Blog Traffic and Engagement with CommentLuv

I have been using the ComLuv plugin for WordPress on my site and love it, no pun intended. You may think at first glance that it is a comment plugin to replace another plugin you already use but that is not the case. CommentLuv, as it is called, does not displace your current commenting system. It merely enhances it.

What is CommentLuv and How Does it Work?
First you install the plugin on your own blog, see below. Then you become a member, registration is free, and include your blog in their system. Become a member here. Now when you leave a comment on a blog that also has CommentLuv enabled you will obtain a link back to your website. Typically when you leave a comment on someones website you either cannot leave a link back to your site or the link is tied to your user name. You more than likely would like a return link so others will find your blog as well. Enter CommentLuv.

comment luv choose post

When you leave a comment you will then see a drop down list of the most recent posts from your website.

You can choose which one you would like to have a link back to.

commentluv chosen postTherefore when someone reads your comment they see the title of your article, that you choose, and it is hyper-linked back to your site. This is much better than the default commenting system that either strips links or links them from your name. It is also a good system for webmasters because the individual leaving the link has to first register at CommentLuv and can only choose one of their most recent blog posts as opposed to linking to some other site. It is a win-win plugin. There are over 190,000 downloads to date.

Install CommentLuv
commentluv enabledHere is a link to the CommentLuv new version of the plugin for WordPress 2.92 and above get CommentLuv 2.80b here. For versions up to WordPress 2.92 see the WordPress.org CommentLuv page here.

CommentLuv Author
The CommentLuv author is an extremely nice individual that works very hard to keep his plugin community happy. I have found Andy Bailey to be very humble and gracious. You can follow the latest CommentLuv information on twitter here @commentluv. Give the plugin a try.

New WordPress Stats

WordPress announced two new statistic features in the Site Stats. Here is the official WordPress post.

Home Page Stats
You may not have realized but the statistics did not show your home page in the past. In other words the front page of your site was not listed in the statistics. Therefore you would not know, other than through a statistics provider such as Google analytics, how your home page performed.

Posts On Which Day
If you host your blog on WordPress.com you will also, as you move your mouse on the statistics, see which posts were created on each day. A nice feature, however you can obviously also find this by simply looking within the posts which are sorted by date.

WordPress Comment System Intense Debate

Blog Post Comments
I have long searched for a commenting system for my site. There are a couple popular commenting systems that I will not mention by name but have been around for a while. None of them seem to fit what I was looking for. Then I came across a system by intense debate. Not only does it have a nice clean, neat interface on the blog itself, but the feature list is quite impressive. The creators seem to have thought about the needs of the users of the system as well as the administrator. It was very simple to install and basically set itself up. As a disclaimer I need to say I do not know anyone at this company nor did they ask me to try their product, I merely ran across it and gave it a try.

I seem to have a disease when it comes to new plug-ins for WordPress or new software. Ever since the days of downloading shareware via modem and a BBS trying everything under the sun, installing so much that I constantly had to reinstall my operating system, I have no problem trying something new.

intense_debate_wordpress_syncComment Syncing
One of the first things to note, as a feature, is that your comments are uploaded into their system. However, not to worry, as there is always a sync between their system and yours in case you ever want to deinstall. That of course was the first hurdle I had to come over because I was not sure if I was going to keep it. By merely installing the sync feature they calmed my fears and I gave it a try. Brilliant customer acquisition feature on their part.

Comment Threading
I personally enjoy the comments and the dialogue around each post. However sometimes when you have 10, 20 or 100 comments it becomes difficult to follow the conversation. This is probably due to the fact that there are actually many conversations within the comments. While people reply to others comments, some people choose to post new questions or comments. This system allows for comment threading so that you or others can reply to one particular comment. Instead of the reply being added to the bottom of the list it is indented along with the comment it replied to.

User Profiles
Here is something I did not think about, and that is the relationship between the various commenters on your site. Most of those who maintain a blog think of themselves as the one individual that everyone is having a conversation with. A one to many relationship. However intense debate has implemented commenter profiles so the readers can learn about one another. Therefore you have a many to many relationship as readers can learn about each other and comment to each other. While users have always been able to comment to each other, this allows them to know more about one another.

No one, myself included, wants to create a new ID or account at every blog they read and comment on. There is the ability for you to login via Facebook, Twitter, or open ID. Now your users can login and comment on your site with an ID they actually created elsewhere and do not have to create a unique one for your site. This helps because now everyone has an instant profile and the comments among users becomes more likely.

Admin Features
There are many administrative features, if you are the site owner, to make your life much easier. One that I think is excellent is the reply-by-email. Therefore you can respond to and moderate comments via email without having to log into the site.

There are many other administrative features, take a look at what they have the offer and try out the system by posting comments to this post if you like.

There are many reasons to give the system a try, I suggest you take a look at intense debate and what they have to offer. I am very glad to consider my search for a worthy commenting system to be done. Whenever you use a service or a product that you do not think is just right, it is always in the back of your mind, however I am glad to put this one to bed.