Reach 28 Percent of the Market with Yahoo and Microsoft

28% Market Reach
You can now reach 28% of the online searches through search engine marketing using the newly combined Yahoo and Microsoft. The stat comes from the recent search engine market share report by Comscore. They still split up the statistics between Yahoo and Microsoft even though the advertising platforms are merging. The reach is Yahoo at 16.7% and Microsoft at 11.2% making the combined total 27.9%. Assuming you can advertise to that audience through the platform that reaches both and you can get to 28% of the market through search engine marketing.

Clickable Discusses Microsoft and Yahoo Search Alliance

Search Alliance
Clickable provides a PPC (pay per click) tool for online advertising. They announced a webcast to discuss the alliance between Microsoft and Yahoo search. This is a free webcast.

Date: October 13
Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm EST (11:00am-12:00pm) PST
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From Clickable:
What You’ll Learn:

* Overview of the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance and what it means
* Implications and benefits of the search alliance for advertisers
* Updates on feature differences between platforms

Expert Presenters:

Opening Remarks:

* Erik Suhonen, Director, Americas BD & Partnerships, Yahoo!


* Jon Mette, Senior Strategist, Search Optimization & Strategy, Yahoo!
* Lauren Hufnal, Account Executive, Search Agency Sales, Microsoft
* Chris Sanger, Director, Product Management, Yahoo!
* Shamit Patel, Product Manager, Microsoft

Clickable Host/Moderator:

* Max Kalehoff, VP Marketing, Clickable (moderator)

Yahoo and Microsoft are Search Partners

Yahoo and Microsoft announced their alliance. How does that work? Or does it not work? We do not know yet. It remains to be seen. They needed to first obtain approval, due to monopoly concerns. I am not stating there should be a concern, just that there was. As they stated:

“Microsoft® and Yahoo! have now received regulatory clearance to form the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance in the United States and European Union.”

microsoft advertisingHow the Alliance Effects You
In a nutshell, get used to the logo at the right. While there is an “alliance” you will be using the Microsoft ad platform. There is Yahoo transition information and Microsoft transition information. You can find it all here on a neutral Search Alliance site. It may not be a fast transition however they state to have it completed by the 2010 holiday season but are not promising anything.

Who Will You Interact With?
What they decided to do was split up the responsibilities between both organizations. Yahoo will support what they call the high volume advertisers. Those that spend quite a bit, the agencies and resellers. Microsoft will support the self service advertisers and they will use the Microsoft adCenter.

By merging these two ad platforms they will have a greater reach. They state that there will be a reach of up to 150 million searchers. Through the combination of both ad platforms there will be approximately 62% more search volume than on Yahoo! alone. Now for those that are currently advertising on both platforms you will only need to now log into one.