comScore Measuring Digital Traffic from All Devices

Comscore (NASDAQ: SCOR) announced that they are now going to be able to report on traffic by device in the press release here. The devices they will be measuring digital traffic on are tablets, music players, gaming devices, mobile phones and anything that is web enabled. Note that they talk about digital traffic as opposed to web traffic because it is not necessarily someone browsing the web but could be someone interfacing with Facebook, Twitter, or any number of services, through an application.

Device Essentials™
comscoreThis is the name of comScore’s new reporting service. A quote from Serge Matta, comScore Executive Vice President of Telecom and Wireless:

“Using comScore’s proprietary global UDM data set, we have been able to develop an expansive profile of traffic patterns across device type, connection type and geography which delivers the critical insight needed by wireless carriers, OEMs, publishers and app developers to optimize their marketing strategies and customer experience.”

Here are some of the reporting capabilities included:

  • Share of smartphone and feature phone usage by OS
  • Carrier share of smartphone traffic
  • OS share of carrier traffic
  • Traffic to site content categories by carrier, OS and device type
  • Mobile HTML vs. standard HTML traffic by content by device type
  • WiFi vs. Non-WiFi traffic

Data Examples
They have interesting information such as the Share of non-computer device traffic for various countries. You can see information such as Canada having 33.5% iPad, 34.6% iPhone, and 8.2% Android and others, then contrast that with a country such as Japan with 11.3% iPad, 49.5% iPhone, and 30.6% Android. Fascinating to learn how the various countries use the devices.

The press release and corresponding reports have additional information you may find very useful.