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CommentLuv is a comment tool for your website to help grow your audience and more. I have written about it many time as I am a big fan and use it myself. The creator is Andy Bailey. He has created a site where you can learn more about how it was created and to obtain the next version of the tool when it is available. See the CommentLuv site here.

There are videos posted and more coming. You can watch the videos that walk you through his story of creating the CommentLuv plugin and now an entire community. It all blossomed from his desire to not have to maintain a blog roll. He taught himself to program, learned to create WordPress plugins and the rest is history. All while managing his Chinese food restaurant. His story is inspiring, and from my interaction with him I have to say he’s a humble, hardworking, great guy, and his humor makes the videos very interesting.

The videos are very interesting and for those looking for motivation while working on their own ideas you will find Andy’s story inspiring.

Increase Your Blog Traffic and Engagement with CommentLuv

I have been using the ComLuv plugin for WordPress on my site and love it, no pun intended. You may think at first glance that it is a comment plugin to replace another plugin you already use but that is not the case. CommentLuv, as it is called, does not displace your current commenting system. It merely enhances it.

What is CommentLuv and How Does it Work?
First you install the plugin on your own blog, see below. Then you become a member, registration is free, and include your blog in their system. Become a member here. Now when you leave a comment on a blog that also has CommentLuv enabled you will obtain a link back to your website. Typically when you leave a comment on someones website you either cannot leave a link back to your site or the link is tied to your user name. You more than likely would like a return link so others will find your blog as well. Enter CommentLuv.

comment luv choose post

When you leave a comment you will then see a drop down list of the most recent posts from your website.

You can choose which one you would like to have a link back to.

commentluv chosen postTherefore when someone reads your comment they see the title of your article, that you choose, and it is hyper-linked back to your site. This is much better than the default commenting system that either strips links or links them from your name. It is also a good system for webmasters because the individual leaving the link has to first register at CommentLuv and can only choose one of their most recent blog posts as opposed to linking to some other site. It is a win-win plugin. There are over 190,000 downloads to date.

Install CommentLuv
commentluv enabledHere is a link to the CommentLuv new version of the plugin for WordPress 2.92 and above get CommentLuv 2.80b here. For versions up to WordPress 2.92 see the WordPress.org CommentLuv page here.

CommentLuv Author
The CommentLuv author is an extremely nice individual that works very hard to keep his plugin community happy. I have found Andy Bailey to be very humble and gracious. You can follow the latest CommentLuv information on twitter here @commentluv. Give the plugin a try.