Flash Search Engine Optimization

Direct from Adobe, make your SWF (flash) content more searchable.

You can find the Adobe articles and recommendations here. Specifically here are two articles:

  • Search optimization checklist for RIAs here
  • Search optimization techniques for RIAs here

These are excellent articles with step by step SEO for flash.

How to Set Your Preferred Domain with Google

Domains and links to your site can occur with or without the www in the domain such as http://longest.com and http://www.longest.com. Search engines can view these as two different domains. It is speculated that this may effect your PageRank with Google and potentially rankings with other search engines.

The thought is that if you have 20 links to a page using the www and 20 without, they may be looked at as two different pages and therefore only 20 links are associated to the page as opposed to 40. If 40 links were associated you may obtain a higher search engine ranking.

Preferred Domain
Google calls this a domain preference and allows you to set your preference. Log into Google’s Webmaster tools. Then navigate to the Tools option on the left hand menu, then to the Set preferred domain option. You will see a screen like below and you can choose, it is defaulted to Don’t Set an Association but this is where you can choose with or without www.

It is that simple, cannot hurt, and hopefully over time will help.

Why It Matters for Search Engine Optimization
It has been said that the version of your domain with and without the “www” can be seen as two different sites. Someone may link to your site or an article/page on your site using the http://www.longest.com and someone else may just link to http://longest.com. In that case search engines may view them as two different sites and you will not benefit from both links. Companies such as the rankpay search engine optimization firm talk about setting the preferred domain because you would want your site to get the benefit of both links. That may no longer be the case however it does not hurt to set the preferred domain just to be safe.

Google Shared Pages for Free SEO

I use most of the Google tools, in particular the webmaster tools. I switched recently to use the Google Reader for RSS subscription. After doing so I realized that Google provides a number of unique opportunities to syndicate your feed, items, and links. All of these are published at a google.com domain. What a great way to syndicate your content even further and hopefully gain some search engine optimization benefits along the way.

Here is what I found available and interesting.

First, Google creates a profile page for you. You can provide information about yourself and also provide links with the anchor text you choose. Take a look at my page on google, the Brian Longest’s Profile page, where you can write about yourself and provide links to your sites or any others.

Second, you probably already know that you can make folders and organize your RSS subscriptions. This is extremely helpful as you continue to follow and read more people. However, more importantly, did you know that by following the Manage Subscriptions link and going into the Folders and Tags tab you can make any of your folders public.

By making the folder public a page is created with a Google address having the posts of the RSS feeds you added to the folder. Also the name of the page will be the name you gave the folder. Take a look at this page which took on my folder name and therefore is entitled Make Money Online.

Third, in the Google Reader you have a folder for what Google calls Shared items. You can choose any blog post, yours or anothers, and mark it as a shared item. These items all end up on a unique page. Simply click the shared items folder to see what you have added. You will also notice a link provided to you which forwards to the shared items page. See my Shared Items Here. I chose to put those articles that are the most viewed, dugg, and sphinned on my site into this shared items folder. Another nice feature is the page also has your profile and your links.

A little known fact, is that you can add notes into the shared items. Essentially a blog post if you will, allowing text and links. Also very powerful.

Hopefully you will find this useful.