How to Create a Website | Website Builder Coupon

build a websiteWith the GoDaddy Website Builder product you can build your own website in a few simple steps. This is a far cry from what I had to do 10 years ago. With this simple tool you can create your own website in minutes. It is important to understand that this is different than purchasing a hosting account. With a hosting account you are typically on your own. This is a tool to build a website for you, and host it for you, with your own domain name.

There is a great offer to get a free domain name and 12 months of the website builder for only $1 a month. You really cannot beat that offer. Typically domains will cost around $15 alone, or less with a coupon. This is the price of a discounted domain and a free website hosted for you. It is all simple drag and drop.

GoDaddy Website Builder Coupon Codegodaddy website builder coupon

Coupon Code: WSB1 ( or click here )
Deal: $1 a Month for Website Builder and a Free Domain

This deal allows you to create a website quickly and easily with a drag and drop interface in your web browser.

* this is a simple to use coupon code that you enter at checkout, here is how to find the deal

Question: How do I get this Deal and use the Coupon?
Answer: The easiest thing to do is to click this link here and a new window will open. At the top you will see this graphic and know that the coupon has been applied for you.

website builder offer

Next you need to add the Website Builder product to your cart. To do that you use the drop down menu under “Products” and then “Web Design” and then choose “Website Builder“. See the image below as the builder product is circled in red.

website builder menu

On that page you will then add the product to your cart. If you did not click the link above then you will use the Website Builder coupon code when you are at the checkout page. If you clicked the link above then the coupon will have already been applied at checkout. It is that simple.

Question: What if I Don’t Know How to Design a Site?
Answer: There are hundreds of website designs already built in to the website builder. You simply choose the one you would like to use. These are not simple text sites, they are very detailed and professional sites.

website designs

All you do is browse the themes, which are websites. You can see a picture of what each theme looks like, much like browsing pictures on Facebook or Instagram. Then you click on the one you want.

Question: Do I need to be a programmer?
Answer: You do not need to know how to program when using a website builder. When you are simply choosing a hosting account with Go Daddy or any other vendor, you then need to create your own site. Hosting packages usually have the ability to add software with just one click but there was a need for a better solution that allowed anyone to create a website. The theory that it has to be simple my mom could use it drove companies to create website builders. Therefore with the GoDaddy website builder you do not need to know any programming. You choose a design and the rest is simple.

Question: How do I make changes to the website?
Answer: You do not need to be a programmer as making changes are simple. For example, once you have chosen your website theme you can then customize with your own site information. To do this you merely fill out fields such as your Site Name, Phone, Address so tools like google maps can find you, eMail so a contact form can be created, and more. By putting in that simple information a page is created for you with a google map, a contact form and more. It is that simple to modify your website.

make changes

Look how simple it is to add text to a website. In the image above you simply type the text you want, choose a font type and font size. The best part is that you do not need to know anything about font types or sizes either. As you choose different types and sizes you will see instantly what it would look like on a page. Nothing is saved until you choose to save it.

Question: Can I add my own pictures?
Answer: You can easily upload any image you want. It is very simple.

mobile siteQuestion: What about a mobile website?
Answer: Website Builder does it for you. Once you have made the website itself it will be available for any device. As you can see in the picture to the right the site will look different depending on which device it appears on. In other words the site will be modified by website builder to fit on a mobile phone and modified in a different way to fit on a table like an iPad. You do not need to make any changes. Personally I believe that feature is invaluable.

Question: What if I need help?
Answer: No need to worry. Go Daddy has award winning customer support.

Top 5 Google Hummingbird Update Articles

google-hummingbirdI recently read some of my favorite sites about the most recent Google Hummingbird algorithm update.

Here is a list of what I found to be the top 5 best articles. Sometimes it is easier to provide you with the best posts and articles. Here is my list that provided both insight into the algorithm as well as actionable steps:

searchengineland-icon FAQ: All About The New Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm

link-assistant-icon Google’s Hummingbird update explained – what should it mean for your SEO?

mashable-icon What Google’s Hummingbird Update Means for Small Business

marketingprofs-icon What Google Hummingbird Means for Content Marketing

searchenginewatch-icon After ‘(Not Provided)’ & Hummingbird, Where is Google Taking Us Next?

searchengineland-icon Google Hummingbird: When Evolutionary Becomes Revolutionary

Okay, whatever, so I put six articles on the list. Deal with it.

From this list of what I believe are the best google hummingbird articles I hope you can understand the most recent changes. When reading each article and their respective insights consider how you can make changes if necessary to your business sites.

Evaluation of GoDaddy Hosting

I realized when I started writing about the various Go Daddy hosting options that there is much more to hosting than just the hosting plans themselves. It is about the end game, what you the customer ultimately wants to achieve. Typically that is some sort of online presence. Maybe a personal presence or a business presence, but at the end of the day it is not just about hosting some text and pictures.

When creating your own presence you need the web space and server but that is the least of anyone’s concerns until you begin to drive significant traffic. What you need is a professional presence and a unique one. You want the site to look good and be available across all mobile devices as well. You also want it yesterday which is where the website builder tools come in. Most companies are now offering website building tools, they are not all created alike and many have limitations but it is a start to provide what customers want. So below I start with the basics regarding hosting but then discuss additional offerings such as an email presence, marketing, and an online store.

Massive Storage and Support

GoDaddy not only specializes in providing a slew of premium domain names as well as domain registration, but also enables people to start up a variety of Internet based businesses thanks to their web hosting products. Using their “Build Your Website” product you can choose from hundreds upon hundreds of designs that can be custom tailored to fit the personal vision of any web designer that has just begun to branch out.

build your websiteThe ease of the website building interface is such that the you, or the user, need not have any special technical skills to reap the benefits of the service. The website building tools that are included with GoDaddy’s service include a domain of the web designer’s choosing, an ability to host all of the data needed to compose the website in its entirety, and a collection of tools that can be used for those aiming to branch out into marketing. The support of Go Daddy to people interested in building their own personal websites is so great that it’s actually been the recipient of a myriad of awards. They excel at customer support as agents are available and ready to take the call of customers every single hour of the day, seven days a week. Believe it or not they have plans that begin at only a few dollars per month.

Email Hosting Advantages

In addition to the support offered for high end website building, GoDaddy also supports the hosting of business-class email. The service allows you to use their own domain for the purpose of email. Using an email that correlates to your domain name adds another level of personalization. The email hosting service is also compatible with any email software. You and those in your company can use desktop email clients as well as web based clients such as gmail to check and send email.

Currently there are over twelve million people who commonly utilize GoDaddy for the purpose of email hosting.

The company name and professionalism of your organization is emphasized with every email sent. With GoDaddy’s email hosting service, you need not ever worry that they will be bombarded by waves of undesirable spam. All mail will be sent through a special filter that sees to it that only emails of actual importance and relevance make it though to the main inbox.

As far as the various products that are available, there are three different choices in plans to utilize the GoDaddy email hosting service. First for only $2.99 a month, you have the ability to simply host email on your own ‘personal’ domain. A slight upgrade to the personal plan is the Business plan, in which you only pay $3.99 a month for a slightly enhanced level of email hosting service. The business email hosting plan can be even further enhanced with an upgrade to an unlimited email hosting plan, which allows you to have constant access to your business hosted email at any time or place. Ten email addresses are provided and an unlimited amount of storage.

Marketing Tools

Go Daddy also provides business and marketing tools to further streamline the ease of building your persona, call it a web identity. One of the tools included is made specifically for the purposes of search engine optimization, effectively maximizing one’s visibility on the general web by increasing the chances of being seen in common search engine results. The search engine optimization is streamlined thanks to GoDaddy’s service being able to draw a higher volume of traffic to your website. The potential business volume of the your website is enhanced to the the Nth degree when more customer attention is generated. By increasing website visibility in mediums such as Google and Bing you greatly increase your site traffic. The service is self-sustainable enough to assist those looking to enhance the visibility of their website even with minimal technical experience.

Plan Packages

The level of business enhancement is increased with a higher level plan chosen, which can range from basic to premium. The premium version includes all of the services included with the basic plan, along with several upgrades included to make the experience all the more powerful. With the premium plan, you are entitled to the benefits of the “pay per click” service. With the pay per click service enabled, you are able to receive phone calls and emails in regard to your advertisements placed on search engines.

The Go Daddy staff performs all of the preparatory work necessary to bring it into fruition. In just under 24 hours, you can have your website listed near the top tier of most standard search engines with a minimal investment of time and effort. The customer service of a premium plan is enhanced as well, thanks to there being a higher degree of attention paid to you. The premium plan can be upgraded to for only three more dollars a month than the basic plan, a benefit that essentially pays for itself in the long run. The premium plan is available for $5.99. Along with all of the essential benefits, you are able to adjust the budget for all the advertisements they choose to put out. The premium plan also allows you to accurately track the traffic and data volume of your website on a real-time basis.

Online Merchandising Toolsgodaddy shopping cart

Economy Plan
With GoDaddy, you also have the option to create your own web store and generate income. With no more than the most remedial technical skills, you or anyone can use GoDaddy to become an online merchant with the purchase of one of three different plans. The Economy Plan is available for $4.99 a month, and with it, one is able to have all of the essential features needed for a mobile optimized store; you can have up to twenty different products listed on your page, and with each of them, one image allowed.

Deluxe Plan
With an upgrade to the Deluxe plan, the features of the Economy plan are enhanced along with a collection of additional features to sweeten the deal. With the Deluxe plan, one is able to have five times the amount of products listed as the Economy plan, and five images allowed to advertise each product instead of only one. Along with the upgrades to existing features, one is also allowed the privilege of a Merchant Account, valued at $59.99 in value. With the Deluxe plan, one also has the option to the have their wares shipped from one of any number of warehouses, as well as coupons that are specially made for certain products.

Premium Plan
There is a further upgrade to the Deluxe plan that comes in the form of the Premium plan, the ultimate plan for those looking to reap the maximum benefits from having an online store hosted with Go Daddy hosting. With the Premium plan, one is able to get a plethora of features for only $24.99 a month. The user is able to have an infinite number of products advertised on their page, making the 100 image and 20 image limits of the lesser plans seem utterly constricting in comparison.

With the Premium Plan, one is also able to host up to ten advertisement images with every product that they host on their page. Along with the free merchant account that’s included with the Premium plan, much like the deluxe plan, one is also entitled to an SSL certificate for completely free. The SSL certificate is worth $69.99, which when put together with the Merchant account, equals roughly $130 saved altogether. You can obtain godaddy hosting coupons on our hosting coupon page created just for that purpose. The most popular hosting coupon is hostdeal for $1.99 monthly hosting.

No matter what online merchant plan you choose to sign yourself up for, you can do so with the security of knowing that their business is in the hands of a service that has been able to provide quality features to over fifty thousand different merchants worldwide. The GoDaddy online store service provides comprehensive support for twenty-four hours a day, seven days out of the week; there will never be a time at which one is unable to be assisted by the professional experts. All forms of credit card are accepted for payment, meaning that no holder of any credit card is excluded from the opportunity to experience lucrative marketing tools at the best possible value.

Proven Legitimacy

go daddy logoWhen using GoDaddy, you can be assured that the visitors to your website will be fully aware that your business is legitimate. The reason for this is that GoDaddy offers the opportunity to be validated by a seal of domain certification, a virtual badge awarded by the website that shows that the content is exactly as it is advertised. The internet is brimming with opportunity for prospective business people, but unfortunately, it is also rife with those who take it upon themselves to take advantage of the less savvy internet surfer with things like phishing and email scams. As exposure of scandalous internet scams has increased as the crackdown on perpetrators has intensified, the general public has indeed grown more jaded towards the concept of an internet business; while certainly a beneficial thing, this can make it slightly harder for even legitimate online business owners to earn the trust of their potential customers. With a Certified Domain Seal, GoDaddy users have a slight edge in being more convincingly certified in the upright nature of their business.

When looking for a company to help you with your website presence we suggest you look for more than the lowest price hosting, but a company that can help you create a professional unique online presence, a store if needed, marketing assistance, and tools to help you gain legitimacy with potential customers.

Google Glass Patent will Revolutionize Advertising

google patent imageGoogle, like many companies, invent and patent new technologies and purchase others patents. The patent discussed below is entitled Gaze Tracking System and is patent #8,510,166. They also purchased related patents as well. Links to relevant articles and the patent itself are below.

As a computer science major, programmer, and a patent attorney, I used to write and prosecute these types of method patents. As an entrepreneur that used to have a banner and email network, I particularly like this patent and the implied uses. Check out the first claim, if you read just what I bolded below it may be easier to understand.

1. A method comprising:

receiving scene images from a head mounted gaze tracking device capturing external scenes viewed by a user wearing the head mounted device, the scene images received at a server via a network;

receiving gaze direction information from the head mounted gaze tracking device along with the scene images, the gaze direction information indicating where in the external scenes the user was gazing when viewing the external scenes, the gaze direction information received at the server via the network;

executing an image recognition algorithm on the scene images to identify items within the external scenes viewed by the user;

generating a gazing log tracking the identified items viewed by the user;

performing latent pre-searches on at least a portion of the items viewed by the user to generate latent search results, wherein the latent pre-searches are automatically triggered while the associated items are in the user’s peripheral view and without affirmative requests on a per search basis by the user; and

caching the latent search results.

It sounds like they will determining what you are looking at, save that information, and then display advertisements based on what you are looking at.

Capture Your Emotional State and Advertise to You!

This is great stuff, the kind of things that advertisers dream of. Take a look at this diagram and the process they describe. They intend to receive pupil dilation information from the glasses. Then they will infer your emotional state while you view things. They will then store your emotional state and store what you were looking at.

patent image 5b

What does this mean?

Over 13 years ago I had a company and we had email lists of individuals interested (they opted in) in various topics. For instance they may have opted in to receive deals and information about sports, or business, health, and many other topics. We knew how many emails they received, in some cases whether they opened them or not, and whether they clicked on links. Therefore we were able to gauge a persons interest in certain types of advertisements on many different levels. There is what they say they are interested in, such as sports. Then there is their behavior such as clicking a sports related link, or a link related to something else. Often times behavior is very different than what someone says.

That is where this patent becomes so interesting. Imagine if an advertiser could say the following and advertise only to this subset of people. “Google, I would like to give an advertisement to everyone who looks at a red convertible car and they like the red convertible car, or even better if Ford says I want to show an advertisement to everyone that likes a red convertible Mustang as it drives by.”

The google glass process identifies that person 1 sees a red convertible Mustang but based on pupil dilation it is determined they do not like it, therefore no advertisement is shown. But person 2 that sees the car is shown an advertisement for a local Ford dealership showing a red convertible Mustang and lease terms, as well as the fact that the dealership is only .6 miles away and has a deal for this weekend only.

A person wearing the glasses sees a red mustang convertible and their pupil dilation shows they like it, then Chevy shows a red convertible Camaro with lease terms at a local dealership.

Honestly, the list goes on and on.

* the examples above are my own interpretation of how it may be used, I could be completely wrong

Purchasing Related Patents

Per the Reuters article Google has purchased additional related patents to protect their advertising. “Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry said it sold Google Inc part of a patent portfolio involving the superimposition of virtual images on real-world photos.”

Revolutionizing Advertising

Assuming there is a large enough group of people wearing google glass or related technologies, this type of “right ad at the right time” could be just that much more effective.

References and Good Articles
U.S. PTO: Patent # 8,510,166
Google Patent Search: Patent # 8,510,166
Reuters: Google buys patents on virtual image technology from Hon Hai
NY Times: How Pay-Per-Gaze Advertising Could Work With Google Glass

Hootsuite Manages Social Media and Raised $165 Million

Hootsuite is in the social media management business. They help you manage your profile across multiple social platforms. You can monitor terms and essentially watch and interact across those platforms from one simple dashboard that they provide. But that is not all they do, that is what they did when they raised $20 Million. Revenue is generated on subscription fees, or what I believe they call their license fees to individuals and enterprises.

Now they Raised $165 Million in Round B
hootsuiteBelieve it or not, they have now raised $165 Million and are going to branch out into the social advertising space. That may, and will probably, be a much larger market than they currently play in. They have more than doubled their workforce this year.

Congratulations to Hootsuite and their ability to rise about the competition.