Cyber Monday Generates Over $1 Billion

Over $1 Billion in One Day
I was amazed at the online black Friday number of over $648 Million in sales on November 25th, 2010 and now on November 29th there was over $1 Billion sales. Just as Friday is known as Black Friday, Monday is known as Cyber Monday. Both days are incredible. More detail is found at the comScore Press Release.

That figure was 16% higher than the previous year. Incredible.

Black Friday generates $648 Million in One Day

Half a Billion in One Day
The numbers still amaze me. In just one day online, Nov 25,2010, there was $648 Million in sales. That is quite amazing. I note this so you do not forget the power of online sales. Whether you are a publisher, an advertiser or a marketer, these numbers have to motivate you and your own bottom line. More detail is found at the comScore Press Release.

That figure was 9% higher than the previous year. Amazing

Top Video Sites with Highest Ad Revenue Will Surprise You

Who is Making the Video Advertising Money?
ComScore released their August 2010 U.S. Online Video Rankings and at first glance it is exactly what you would guess. Google had the most unique viewers and viewing sessions (due to YouTube), Facebook was second, then Yahoo! and all the usual suspects. However on the second chart they listed top properties by Video Ads Viewed.

Now this is more like it, personally I would prefer to be top on the Video Ads Viewed and bottom on the Content Views. Why? Because content views means overhead and high operational costs. Not necessarily, but more than likely, obviously you could put 10 ads per video and charge next to nothing for them and obtain the same result but for the most part there is a correlation between the most views and the highest operational costs. The most ads viewed are at Hulu, more below.

Top Ads in Video
Hulu topped the list with the most video ads. I have to say that I am assuming all things equal, meaning to make the leap that the site with the most ads viewed is making the most revenue means you have to believe they are all selling the same percentage of inventory and all selling at the same price point. Also note that Comscore states this list only includes streaming-video advertising and not overlays, branded players, matching banner ads around the player etc.

Top was Hulu, second was the BrightRoll Video Network which is not a site but a network as is number three Tremor Media Video Network, therefore the second was Microsoft (sites), then Google (sites) Break Media Network and others. It is interesting that Hulu was not on the first list, probably because they have longer form video such as shows or movies, but they do have short clips. Also interesting to see the Break Media Network which owns it’s sites was so high on the ads viewed list compared to others. They obviously sell their inventory well. Also interesting that Facebook was on the most viewed list but not the most ads viewed, so you could infer they are showing clips but not monetizing well.

This list goes to show that it is not always the largest sites or those with the most users that generate the most revenue.

Blogging Contest – $3,550 in Prizes

Andy of ComLuv and Hesham of FamousBloggers are hosting their Blogging Contest again. They have a total of $3,550 in cash prizes.

If you are a blogger you can submit your entry now and have until July 7th. Learn more about the Contest Here.

Make Money with Video Ads on Your Site

This is a very important and powerful technology, so let me first say two things 1. I am not getting paid by CaptainAd, and I have to say this because my article may appear too biased in their favor 2. I love disruptive technologies and this may be one. Simply put, they can allow you to make money on advertisements within other peoples video as long as it is embedded on your site. That is amazing. Read on.

CaptainAd has a technology solution that will allow ads to appear in video regardless of the video player.

On our site, any site with video, the idea of running advertisements within the video on your site is yet another additional revenue stream. Other technologies would require you to either use a particular video player or usually a video player provided by the advertising network that they control.

Expanded Inventory Possibilities
The beauty of CaptainAd is that it works with 27 different video players and I am sure they will add more. You can post videos to your site from sites like Break, YouTube, MySpace, Yahoo and many more. If you were to use an ad networks specific video player you would have to own the content, host the content, and then stream it into the player. However, with the CaptainAd system you do not need to own the content, just embed other sites videos in your site and you are done.

Video Players and Revenue in CPM
You will see from their site that they have a chart showing the CPM (cost per thousand) that you will make for the ads being shown. That is, for every advertisement shown using the video on your site with their technology, you will earn up to $1.00 CPM which is not bad at all. They have a chart listing the amount of revenue depending on the country you are in. You will also see the chart of CPM on the publisher page. They also have a list of the many video players it will work with.

As an advertiser, or anyone that wants to reach an audience that watches online videos, you can reach the Captain Ads inventory. I can only imagine how they can target, you may surprised, potentially they could give you access to individuals watching YouTube (as an example) videos and you would not have to go through YouTube to advertise. You can reach them through their site.