Domain Reminder

As it is almost June, mid-year, I suggest you check with your domain registrar to assure you have not forgotten to renew any of your domains. This is actually a practice you should employ monthly. You do not want to forget to renew your domains. There are a couple options to relieve you of this monthly chore.

Renew for a Number of Years
First you can renew domains for more than 1 year. This would relieve you of having to renew yearly. Of course if you have many domains this could be very costly, here are two more options.

Auto Renew Feature
Here are step by step instructions to setup the auto-renew feature using GoDaddy. By using auto-renew you can set up an automatic payment so your domains will be renewed automatically. Most registrars have multiple payment options such as either credit card, paypal or others. You can use one of these go daddy codes when renewing.

Consolidate Domains
Yet another option is to consolidate your domains. You can consolidate the month and day that each domain is to renew. By doing this you would only need to renew your domains all at one time each year. Here are instructions to consolidate your domains so they expire at the same time if you use Go Daddy.

Deluxe Hosting for the Price of Economy

GoDaddy Hosting May Deal : 60% Off
Many people only think of Go Daddy for domains as they are the number one registrar, however GoDaddy Hosting is impressive. They have a new hosting named 4GH (fourth generation hosting). You can see from the Go Daddy Hosting Coupon that there is a deal for 20% off their hosting, and this is around 60% off (depending on the type of hosting you choose and length of the deal.

GoDaddy Hosting Coupon
You use the coupon code at checkout on the right hand side where they have a link you click to enter the coupon / promo code. Use the coupon MAYECO by clicking it and it will be automatically applied so you will receive the discount at checkout. Let’s go through the deal. Currently the Deluxe Hosting you see on the godaddy hosting page is $7.99 a month, but if you purchase a year it is $6.99 which comes out to $83.86 a year but if you use the coupon you will obtain it for just $3.99 a month for a total of just $47.88 which is 60% off. That is huge and due to such a large discount the offer expires on 5/31/2011.

deluxe godaddy hosting

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Coupon: MAYECO

GoDaddy Hosting vs. Typical Shared Hosting
To understand how impressive this hosting platform is you first need to understand the typical shared hosting environment. Also if you have ever filled a rack with servers at a hosting location due to your websites growth attempting to load balance web servers and database servers you will have an appreciation for how amazing the godaddy hosting platform is. A typical shared hosting environment puts your website and others websites on the same server. If one website causes that server to crash your website crashes also.

With this new godaddy fourth generation hosting platform they place your website on multiple servers which means one server can crash and your website is still available. This type of website replication is not something you see on such a reasonably priced hosting account.

Load Balance
This also allows them to load balance the website traffic. Let’s assume that 1,000 people show up at your website in a short period of time and that would usually crash your website as it sits on one server. Since your site sits on multiple servers with godaddy hosting your traffic is spread out. If we assume your site is on four servers then 250 people go to each server which lessens the load. Another great feature typically not found on such a reasonably priced service.

They also provide security monitors and individuals that monitor the traffic going to their sites and servers every moment of every day, 24/7. Believe it or not they state that currently they block an average of 3.3 million malicious attacks everyday before they affect your site.

I would recommend this hosting account even if it were not on sale. Having been in multiple online startups and filled many a data center with servers to obtain the replication and load balancing I know how valuable it is and how time consuming as well as costly it can be. This godaddy hosting coupon provides a hosting account with impressive features for less than $50 a year, that’s impressive.

GoDaddy Hosting Coupon
Coupon: MAYECO [ Click Here for the 60% Discount ]

Auto Detect Visitors Devices

There are so many devices these days you have to be careful not to have your desire to provide the best experience for all users backfire. An article by google about Android user-agent information pointed out an interesting difference between mobile users and tablet users. Why does this matter to you? If you, as a marketer, or someone with a site needs to assure your users have the best possible experience you need to understand how those dealing with your site operations handle different devices. You may wish to provide a different site experience depending on whether the visitor is using a full size browser on a computer, using their mobile phone (and which kind) and also tablets.

androidWhat google points out is that by looking for the user agent “android” does not necessarily mean the visitor is using a mobile phone as they may be using a tablet. In this case it is possible you will want to provide a mobile optimized site to those with android on a phone and a full browser experience to those using android on a tablet which has a much larger screen. Read the full google article above for specifics on how to do this, and/or send it to your tech team.

GoDaddy .CO Coupon DOTCO1

GoDaddy Coupon DOTCO1099 to obtain 65% off a .CO domain, get one for just $10.99 until April 30, 2011. Find more information about the co domain coupon here.

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Be sure to take advantage of the .CO Coupon DOTCO1099 from GoDaddy for 65% off .CO domains which are regularly $30, now just $10.99 until May 31, 2011.

Imagine if someone typed in your .COM domain name and forgot the “M”. Where would they go? Hopefully to your site, but only if you own the .CO domain. If you obtain .CO domains to match your .COM you can simply redirect the traffic to your domain. Of course you do not need matching extensions but it is not a bad idea. You can also put any site you want at the .CO domain just as you would any other website.