What is a Virtual Data Center?

What is a Virtual Data Center?
A VDC or a Virtual Data Center refers to a virtual environment with completely isolated infrastructure. Here, a group of users, controlled by a VDC administrator, develop and manage networking and storage capacity. A virtual data center is a very powerful tool that helps you to break the cloud infrastructure into compartments.

At the same time it is also used to assist organizational isolation along with multi-tenancy. The Virtual Data center is created by the cloud administrator who assigns a user group to a specific set of physical resources. The cloud administrator provides at least one of the users with all the privileges of the VDC administrator in order to manage all the virtual resources within the Virtual data center. You can use a godaddy voucher to obtain a virtual data center package as it does not matter where you reside. Hence the term “virtual”.

virtual data center

GoDaddy Virtual Data Center
With a GoDaddy Virtual Data Center, you can actually develop a VDC with multiple servers working together. This is a cloud hosting feature that enables you to expand your environment exponentially or shrink it according to your requirements. This means you have absolute and complete control over all the servers that you are using along with their configurations.
When you buy a VDC from GoDaddy, you have the option of provisioning your servers at the GoDaddy data centers according to your choice and needs that include creation of templates, adding of load balancers or developing multiple networks. If you are using a VDC for your operations, it is important that you understand how the network works.

As an end user, you will find that for all practical purposes the VDC appears as a single machine with one IP address. This is because as an end user, only the network routing is visible to you which are private one. However, if you want to control and distribute the flow of internet traffic amongst your servers you can add a load balancer.

Basics of Website Security

SSL is the acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. It is used for securing the encrypted link between a web server and a browser. It is also defined as a means to manage the security of a message transmission on the internet. Online transactions are increasing by the hour and in order to ensure that all of these are being done in a secure environment, SSL is extremely useful. SSL and security go hand in hand and the following lines will explain how to secure your website.

The whole method is based on public key cryptography. Usually when 2 parties who have not met wish to share confidential information, they share a password which is used to encrypt and decrypt the same. However, it becomes very difficult to let each other know of this password. With SSL each of them will have a public and a private key. You can use a godaddy hosting coupon code for an SSL certificate, hosting, and anything else you may need for your site.

When a company wants to secure the information which needs to be sent to a server it approaches a reliable third party company, such as Godaddy. This company then checks the identity of the former company and whether it can be allowed to use the domain. The next step is that the third party gives a new public key to the company post certification. The information on the certificate is then secured with a private key.

When the client wishes to connect with the company, it visits the special port that is for SSL only. The company then sends the public key to the client. The client then inspects it and proceeds further if it is sure that the information is genuine. After this is done, the server sends a password to the client which has to be decrypted using the public key.

Advantages of SSL
Authenticate the server – The server is deemed authentic with the help of SSL certificate. The company as well as the customers will get the required security as all the information which is stored in the server cannot be used by a fraudster. Since these are encrypted and can be read only a public key, they are perfectly safe.

Conversations can be confidential – Most of the online transactions are made using credit cards. When a site has an SSL certification, it means that all the personal information about a user can be decoded only by the person who has the encryption key.

Dedicated Servers Set You Free From Hassles

Maintaining one’s identity is of great importance in today’s world, especially if the question is about one’s identity and accessibility on the World Wide Web. Dedicated servers allow organizations to create an identity for themselves through their web activities and do so according to their needs and choices. You do not have to worry about other companies websites or applications effecting your site as can happen with shared hosting. Godaddy excels at providing high quality dedicated servers to all kinds of businesses and individuals.

dedicated servers

What are dedicated servers?
Organizations can purchase or lease servers for their web hosting needs and maintain complete control over the access and execution of the services through the server without having to share the server space with any other entity. You can choose one of many dedicated server packages from go daddy. Dedicated servers enhance the control that the organization has over the applications that it runs through its hosting service.

Why choose Dedicated Servers from GoDaddy?
server osThe dedicated servers from godaddy are fast and reliable. You can also obtain a server using one of the godaddy hosting coupon codes on these pages. The processors that come with these servers can be configured any way you like, as can the RAM and disk space. You get excellent service and professional support. The exclusive server concierge offered by them ensures that set up is fast and easy.

Features of godaddy dedicated servers:

  • The servers allow you to have admin access and run anything you like on the server
  • Multiple websites can be setup with a single server account
  • 3 dedicated IPs are offered to users of all packages
  • Routers and servers used are the best in the industry and are trouble-free
  • The exclusive Tipping Point Prevention systems are a major plus
  • Physical security and network monitoring services are available 24×7
  • Free SSL certificates come with the packages

Web Design Services from Godaddy

Web design services in the context of search engine optimization have a very deep impact on the success or failure of a website in today’s world. In the online world where competition defines the way you perform, taking each step considering the worth of your website is very essential. It is in fact crucial to the way you project yourself to your audience.

The Importance of Web Design

Understand The Importance of Web Design

Understand The Importance of Web Design

Web design services are important to undertake not just for your existing customers but also for your target market at large. That is because every step of the way right from the step involving persuasion to the step where the deal is closed depends on how you are being perceived by your customers. When the stakes are so high it is only wise that you engage a professional, someone who is good at what he does and more importantly understands your needs.

Professionals from GoDaddy analyze your needs and then systematically match these needs with their service offerings. Web design services are no different. Considering your website rating and its ranking on search engines, godaddy will design a web format that attracts traffic and at the same time makes sure that people who visit your website like to visit it again. If you want to consider godaddy then take a look at this godaddy hosting offer as many of them apply to all the services you may want to purchase.

The Website Represents You
Your website is the projection of the kind of work you do. So, if someone who visits your website does not find it to be appealing and of any use then they may not visit it again. This means while you focus on diverting traffic on to your website, you also spend considerable amount of your resources on figuring out how you will bring out feelings of loyalty in your visitors. One of the methods is to design a layout that is SEO friendly and gives the visitor everything they are looking for.

The needs of your visitor could be many. So the kind of web design services you engage should be able to satisfy all these needs. It could be in terms of visual appeal, information, website navigation etc. The website design you adapt should be a sum total of all these parameters whilst achieving specific SEO goals. As so much is involved and not a lot of it can be handled with your amount of expertise and experience, you need someone seasoned to do the job for you.

Your Kids Can Learn to Code

Here is my most recent find, although it is not a new site. This is my favorite site for many reasons.

Learn to code at w3schools.

Learn to code at w3schools.com


  • 1. Your Kids Can Learn to Code
  • 2. You Can Learn to Code
  • 3. Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, SQL, ASP, and so many more

Kids Can Learn to Code
I can tell you that my 2nd grader and my twin 5th graders loved this site. I have been teaching them in my spare time about servers, websites, HTML and other programming languages. It is slow and can be tedious for both of us. What is great about this site is how they take baby steps on each page in the process. More importantly there is the ability to see the output of each step you learn.

They call it their Tryit Editor. That is the feature that my kids love the most and clearly allowed them to take off. Once they saw that they could view the output of the code, then change it and click to view the change they were hooked and took off. I believe that if you give kids the proper tools they will take off running and can learn at a faster pace than you could possibly teach them.

Get a Website for Your Kids
A quick way to setup a site for your kids is to use a content management system. Obtaining a hosting account and installing WordPress is an easy way to get them their own site. You can get their own domain name which they will think is cool, and using this list here you can get hosting with one click WordPress install very cheap.

You Can Learn to Code and Get a Certificate
I love this site because it works for kids and for adults. You can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, SQL, ASP, and so many more. There are many languages and web tutorials. The site is free, you can learn at your own pace, as slow or as fast as you like. They also have certificates available to show you have learned a particular skill and they are $95 each.

coding certificate

Here is How it Works
Take a look at this image:

code results

Immediate Code Results.

What you see in the above images is what they call the Tryit Editor. On the left is the actual source code which you do not initially have to enter. As you are learning you simply click to see what they are teaching appear in the Editor. Then you click the Submit Code button and see the results in the window on the right. Once you are able to see the code in the Results frame you can then make changes in the Source Code window, click the Submit Code button, and then see the results immediately. For me personally this is the best way to learn.

Here is the link to their site: W3Schools