What Premium DNS Provides

The Premium DNS product offered by Go Daddy is very useful in allowing system administrators to mask the host’s DNS name servers with that of one’s own. The feature is available for all customers who purchase the Premium DNS package and is also known as the Vanity DNS feature.

It is very important for domain names to be protected.

What Premium DNS includes:

  • Unlimited domains for a single price
  • Advanced reporting and log tracking services
  • Round the clock access to DNS experts directly
  • An error checking mechanism that is built in
  • Useful templates for updating DNS
  • Anycast global network access
  • DNS Security with 5 DNSSEC enabled domains
  • Always online option with secondary DNS
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee
  • Customizable zone settings
  • No overage fee
  • Includes some annual discounts on new purchases

premium dns

Why choose Premium DNS from godaddy?
The service includes an online dashboard and also provides support from experts to manage the updates on the DNS. DNS systems are always vulnerable to hacking threats and downtime errors; being on the premium plan allows users to safeguard their systems form such eventualities. The system is also capable of protecting users from routing problems and power fluctuations. Errors such as ‘website not found’ don’t occur as often when users avail of this plan and the 99.999% up-time guarantee ensures that visitors find user websites faster irrespective of their location around the globe. Purchasing this service may prove a life saver in most situations.

What are International Domain Names

Internationalized Domain Names, or IDNs, refer to the internet domain names in which the domain name extension is country specific. An example of an IDN would be a website domain which ends with .jp in place of .com, signifying that the website is in Japanese instead of in English. The domain name is represented in the native language of an area or country with the help of ASCII code text representations.

IDNs have several advantages:

idn domainsLocalized targeting – Companies with Internationalized Domain Names often cater to those specific markets or have their business operations set in that particular region. Geo-targeting becomes easier with the aid of IDN. Major search engines like Google offer special attention to the websites which are a part of Top Level Domains or TLD, and give more weight to the websites which have Internationalized Domain Names, which makes them more visible. Regardless of the domain extension you can use a godaddy source code when you register a domain.

Reaching out to a Larger Audience Base – It is a fact that English is not the primary language in several countries, and many parts of the world are pre-dominantly non-English ones. Internationalized Domain Names make the task of reaching out to a non-English audience much easier. Also, there is greater brand association and audience connectivity in case of an IDN, as the target audience find it easy to relate with the website or the brand.

Free Private Registration

This March you can obtain a free private registration from GoDaddy with each .com domain you order.

free private registration

Typically a private registration is $9.99 however you can have it for free. All you do is be sure to add the private registration before you go to checkout. Then once at checkout use the coupon code MARCH2, or just use the link below. If you are unable to get the discount just close the browser and come back here to use the link again.

MARCH2 Free Private Registration – usually $9.99 [ direct link here ] March Special

CO Domain Coupon Extended

Godaddy decided to extend their CO domain coupon through March 31st. Originally the coupon was only for February. The popularity of the deal convinced them to extend the end date.

co coupon extended

Typically the .co domain name is $29.99 but now just $7.99. You can order more than one if you like.

COFEB1 $7.99 .CO – usually $30 [ direct link here ] Special: Extended through March 31

How to Setup Domain AutoRenew

Here are step by step instructions on setting up the auto-renew feature at GoDaddy. Auto renewing a domain is a great way to assure you do not let your domain expire. With godaddy you can set up the auto-renew feature on a domain by domain basis. In other words you have to setup the renew for each one you have. Below are the steps to do just that. Be sure to double check what you did for each to assure it was saved.

There is however one caveat with the auto-renew. You cannot use a godaddy promo code if your domains are set to autorenew. To use the discount code you would need to renew before the domains are set to be paid for automatically. Therefore the safest thing to do is to set the auto-renew feature and pay about a month before they are due. In this case you will not lose the domain if you forget to pay earlier.

This simple feature will assure you do not lose a domain. Most expire in different months so assuring you login and check every month is not an easy thing to remember. Therefore if you setup the renew then you do not have to ever check, other than one particular setting you do need to check – read on to find out what.

Step 1, login to your account at godaddy. Next under the main menu item Domains you choose the option for domain management which is on the right side of all the options under management. See the option to the right.

Step 2, on the left hand menu under My Products you will see the sub menu for Domain Manager. This will launch a new window and the domain manager will list all of your domains that you have registered.

Step 3, each domain is highlighted, meaning it is blue and underlined. Click the highlighted domain you would like to set the auto-renew feature for. You will see an option for Auto Renew. In the graphic to the right it happens to be set to On, if this is the case then you are all set. If it is set to off then go ahead and click the Manage link.

Last step, check the box next to Automatically Renew Domains. Click the okay button and you are all set. Now your domain will auto-renew and you do not have to worry about it expiring.

Note about Auto Renew
Be sure to keep your payment information up to date. You may have it set to utilize your credit card or paypal. However if they are not up to date or your credit card has expired then they will not be able to complete the charge. In that case they will not be able to auto renew.