Park Your Domain and Generate Revenue

You can park your domain name after you purchase it until you decide what to do with it. Once you register a name you typically point it to the website you want to appear when someone types in that domain. Until you do that the domain needs to resolve to something. With most registrars it will point to a standard page which typically promotes their services.

Generate Revenue When the Domain is Parked
park domainsSome companies offer a service to let you potentially make money when the domain is parked. Instead of showing a page that promotes their services it will show advertisements. You receive a portion of this revenue. How much you actually make depends on how many people happen to visit the page. If it is brand new that will probably be next to none. However if you purchase a domain that has been used in the past then there many be some traffic to the site.

CashParking with GoDaddy
A few advertisements are placed or posted on these idle domains. A webpage appears to the visitor when they visit the domain and each click on the ads placed on it brings you revenue. This is the pay-per-click advertising model. The revenue sharing model is pre-fixed. There is a plan whereby you make 60% and a plan where you make 80% of the revenue generated. Both plans have a monthly fee, however you can monetize as many domains as you like. Once you get the plan you add them to your CashParking portfolio and the rest is taken care of for you.

Parking and Domain Services
You can also obtain a godaddy discount on domain registration, domain auctions and all their products.

Domain Names with Business Registration

You may be familiar with what is called the Whois service. This allows you to look up a domain name and determine who the registrant is. The registrant is the owner. Typically there is very little information but it does show the information you entered when you purchased the domain. When someone completes their domain registration they have to provide their details. This is your name, phone number, address and other contact information. If you wish you can obtain a private registration and make this information private. Godaddy offers a business registration service, here is what it offers.

Features and Benefits of GoDaddy Business Registration
A link is added to the whois information which allows viewers to learn even more about you. Instead of merely having the basic information you can add the following:

business registration information

  • a Logo,
  • links to your business/website,
  • images,
  • business hours, and
  • a map and more.

See the image to the right which shows additional information and how it appears in the business registration search results. Also below is an image which shows how you can add links to your listing along with images and text.

registration links

Top Domain Sales 2012

While there were many sales of domains in 2012 and the year is close to over but not yet done, here are the top sales. The list below includes just those sales of domains over $500,000. Domain investing can be a risky business but occasionally pays off big. Considering you can get a domain for a yearly fee around $10 and sometimes less, the payoffs below were substantial considering the initial investment.

Domain Sales over $500,000
investing-domainTopping the list is’s domain bought by $2,450,000 $1,000,000 $600,000
Jackpot $500,000
Challenge $500,000 $500,000 $500,000

Selling Something You Never Owned
What I find most interesting is the fact that while you never truly own a domain you can still sell it. When you pay a yearly fee for a domain you merely have the right to point it at any server you like. As each domain is unique there can only be one with the right to point the domain. You are really only renting or leasing the domain. There are ways that a domain can be taken from you, the process is not easy but it is possible. Typically if a domain is taken from you it is due to a trademark dispute. However do not let that discourage you as investing in domains can be profitable.

Yearly Investment
If you are investing in domains you need to consider the fact that you have to pay a fee every year. To keep from losing the domain you need to pay the fee on time. Most registrars will allow you to setup a payment method to assure you do not lose the domains. You can also pay for multiple years at a time, many will allow up to 10 years so there is no excuse for losing a domain.

Domain Name Auctions

You can obtain a domain by registering a new one. By new one I mean a domain that has never been registered before. There are other options, such as purchasing a domain from someone that is no longer using it. Some individuals sell domains for a fixed price and others put them up for auction.

All about GoDaddy Auctions
GoDaddy Auctions is one place to be able to find the domain name of your choice. Buying a domain name could be a hassle if you are trying to deal directly with the domain owner. With the aid of Auctions, however, you can choose to bid on a domain name and if you win the transaction takes place through a third party which is GoDaddy. All you need to get started is to obtain a membership. The membership is valid for an entire year.

Create a Watch List
To begin with, adding the interesting domain names to one’s watch list is beneficial, as it allows one to compare the asking prices, number of bids, and ending time of all the selected domain names. Searching for domain names is easy. Also, it is now possible for you to choose to bid on the expired list of domain names as well.

The buyer is required to deposit renewal fee for a year along with the payment for the purchased domain. Not a huge expense.

What Premium DNS Provides

The Premium DNS product offered by Go Daddy is very useful in allowing system administrators to mask the host’s DNS name servers with that of one’s own. The feature is available for all customers who purchase the Premium DNS package and is also known as the Vanity DNS feature.

It is very important for domain names to be protected.

What Premium DNS includes:

  • Unlimited domains for a single price
  • Advanced reporting and log tracking services
  • Round the clock access to DNS experts directly
  • An error checking mechanism that is built in
  • Useful templates for updating DNS
  • Anycast global network access
  • DNS Security with 5 DNSSEC enabled domains
  • Always online option with secondary DNS
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee
  • Customizable zone settings
  • No overage fee
  • Includes some annual discounts on new purchases

premium dns

Why choose Premium DNS from godaddy?
The service includes an online dashboard and also provides support from experts to manage the updates on the DNS. DNS systems are always vulnerable to hacking threats and downtime errors; being on the premium plan allows users to safeguard their systems form such eventualities. The system is also capable of protecting users from routing problems and power fluctuations. Errors such as ‘website not found’ don’t occur as often when users avail of this plan and the 99.999% up-time guarantee ensures that visitors find user websites faster irrespective of their location around the globe. Purchasing this service may prove a life saver in most situations.