The Real Bob Parsons

bob parsonsWe wrote an in depth article about Bob Parsons, the founder and CEO of GoDaddy.

A couple interesting things I learned as we dug into his background. We all know of his hugely successful company GoDaddy. I was also familiar with his personal site with his written word and video logs. It is an excellent site for anyone wanting some insight into how CEO’s of billion dollar companies operate.

However what got my attention the most was his site and fund raising for various charities. The list of charities they support is extensive and they have raised hundreds of thousands for multiple charities.

Raise Money on AngelList

angel listAngelList ( is a simple site with a clear mission. You can raise money, find companies to invest in, and find a startup job. It fills the needs of a startup nicely. Personally I love the fact that the site is easy to navigate and not cluttered. But that is just the design, the beauty is in the function.

money raised on angel list

Money Raised is Over $12,000,000 in August Alone
As you can see from the screen shot above, AngelList notes startups have met investors and raised over $12,000,000 just this month alone. And it is only the 9th of the month. They also mention that using their platform the startups have connected, or vice versa, with potential hires over 8,000 times so far this month.

Incredible Stats and It is Free
The site and service are free to use, you just sign up and get started. Would you believe that not only are millions being raised through their service but look at these numbers. I read that over 60,000 companies are on AngelList in one capacity or another. Also over 20,000 accredited investors are on the site. There is an excellent in depth article on VentureBeat here.

Over $1 Billion Spent with oDesk Outsourcing

According to the CEO of oDesk, Gary Swart, there has been over $1 Billion spent through oDesk on outsourcing. Here is CEO’s entire post.

Today we are thrilled to announce an exciting landmark in oDesk’s history — we have reached more than $1 billion of work done through our online workplace. – CEO, Gary Swart

odesk outsourcingIf you have not used oDesk before, it is a marketplace to find contractors. You can obtain professionals on a per job basis or an hourly basis. You can obtain a new team member to augment the team or an entire team. You may want someone, or team of individuals, to create a new wireless application. You may want them to become part of your team and provide additional breadth to your team. Another popular use of oDesk is to deliver products or features faster, particularly if you use a team that is in a different time zone.

Zynga can Teach You How to Loose $200 Million in 1 Year

omgpopOver a year ago you may recall, or may not, that Zynga purchased a company named OMGPOP. From this Reuters article on March 21, 2012 here are some lines from Reuters.

A source familiar with the matter told Reuters that Zynga bought the New York-based company for $200 million. The company declined to comment on the deal’s financials or say whether it was accretive on a conference call on Wednesday. Hudson Square analyst Dan Ernst said Zynga could easily afford a deal worth $200 million because, since its IPO, it has a market capitalization of $11 billion and $2 billion of cash on its balance sheet.

You read that right, at that time it was estimated that Zynga paid $200 million, or more, for OMGPOP. Not only that but the Zynga market cap at the time was $11 billion. As of today, August 7th the market cap is $2.2 Billion (ZNGA).

zynga_vertBox_CMYK_masterHere at Zynga they state they are shutting down OMGPOP on Sept 13, 2013. With that being said they many continue some of the games availability.

Now as you can see Zynga has lost about $9 Billion in market capitalization over the time period I reference, however I decided to state they lost $200 million because that was actual cash they raised at their IPO and paid out.

It is amazing how fast the money can come and go.

99 Cent Domain Name and Fast Checkout for August

The GoDaddy coupon for a .COM domain at just $.99 cents is alive and well for August. The deal has been extended. Not only can you still take advantage of the 99 cent domain offer but you can also do so with the new checkout process, basically a one click checkout.

arrow-rightGet a Domain for 99 Cents

You can use the coupon code 99coms at checkout after you choose your domain or use this link here and also try the new GoDaddy checkout process that saves you time with a quick checkout.


arrow-rightPurchasing More than 1 Domain?

See this coupon comparison article we have that highlights the best deal.

Learn more about the new checkout process that GoDaddy implemented. There are many reasons you may want a similar checkout process. First of all it gives new customers a great first impression, it also keeps current customers happy and coming back. And in many cases you can greatly increase your conversion rate as less people drop out of the checkout.