Is Groupon a Sleeper?

Groupon (Nasdaq:GRPN) has seen better days. The stock price has also seen worse days. Lately it has been hovering closer to it’s all time low than the all time high. Recently the stock price took another dip and it was said to have been due to the Illinois sales tax. I have read many articles about Groupon this year and each has been informative from one angle or another on their business model.

I just read the best article on Groupon that I have seen in a while from the Motley Fool entitled 3 Reasons Now May Be the Time to Buy Groupon Inc. I do not want to steal their thunder so I recommend you read their article. Particularly read the paragraph and their analysis of why Groupon may be Better than or eBay.

5 Year Stock Price Chart

Here is a chart, courtesy of Yahoo Finance, for the last 5 years of Groupon’s stock price.

groupon stock price

Do read the Motley’s article for a well researched analysis. They point out that Groupon’s Deals business is growing revenue per year at a much faster rate than or eBay, and the company repurchased shares at nearly double the current stock price over the last year. (in their last paragraph).

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Losing over $400 Million by Deploying Buggy Code

This story was sent to me by Chris. It is an article written by Doug Seven entitled Knightmare: A DevOps Cautionary Tale.

It is a well written explanation of how a company, Knight Capital Group which is now Knight Capital Holdings (NYSE:KCG), lost over $400 million in 45 minutes. The loss was due to an update in their software and a glitch that did indeed lose them over $400 million. If you need a good story to bolster your desire for proper testing and deployment, read it here on Doug’s site.

The loss of over $400 million is validated by the New York Times and others.

Where are they now? GRUB, RUBI, 2U

Three companies I wrote about this year that went public are GrubHub (NYSE:GRUB), Rubicon Project (NYSE:RUBI) and 2U (Nasdaq:TWOU). Let us start with the first to go public out of this group and see where they are now.


As you can see from the chart there has not been too much volatility.


Rubicon Project : RUBI

For the most part the Rubicon Project has had an up and to the right trajectory.


GrubHub : GRUB

GrubHub has been the most volatile with a range of $29.86 to $40.80.


These are three to continue to watch.

GrubHub Goes Public

GrubHub goes public today 4/4/14. They priced 7.4 million shares at $26 per share. That would put their market capitalization around $2 Billion.

Ticker symbol will be GRUB on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:GRUB).

Grubhub is Profitable