Tesla and the Convergence of the Auto Industry and Technology

By now you know Tesla unveiled their new Model S which is the Tesla D. The Tesla D is a new dual motor all wheel drive version of the S. I read 0-60 times of 3.2 seconds, wow.

tesla d

Tesla Media Coverage

What I found most interesting was the search results and coverage of the Tesla D unveiling. I searched google for “tesla d” and as I looked at the top results I realized I did not see Car and Driver articles in the top 10, nor Motor Trend, or Automobile, or any other traditional car magazine. The top result was engadget which is clearly a technology focused site. Others were newspapers and various results which will change over time.

What Tesla has achieved is unparalleled. Not only did Tesla redefine the auto industry they have bridged the gap between two industries, auto and technology. It is always interesting to see these types of gaps bridged. As an example, you may remember when the IT group and programmers of a company were in different buildings and rarely spoke to others within a company, now they sit and work side by side with marketing groups, business groups and others. There are many examples like this.

The convergence of autos and technology has never been so pronounced as what Tesla has accomplished.

Hats off to Tesla. I cannot wait to see what is next.

Make Your First Sale?

For those that have started their own business I present this GoDaddy video. Sales, or raising money, from family is one thing. But once you either obtain outside investment or get your first non-family sale is how you may feel. This video is hilarious. It started off slow but when the entire red head family joins in, excellent!

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Zillow to Buy Trulia for $3.5 Billion in Stock

Zillow was founded in 2005 and is public on the Nasdaq under the symbol Z. Trulia was founded in 2005 and is public on the NYSE under the symbol TRLA. Zillow announced today, 7/28/14, that they would purchase Trulia for $3.5 billion in stock, although the deal is not going to close until sometime in 2015. Zillow’s CEO will run the combined company and both brands are going to remain after the acquisition.

About Zillow in Their Own Words:
zillow-250 “Our mission is to empower consumers with information and tools to make smart decisions about homes, real estate and mortgages.” “….It starts with our living database of more than 110 million U.S. homes – including homes for sale, homes for rent and homes not currently on the market.” Zillow about page.

About Trulia in Their Own Words:
trulia-250 “…giving consumers the information they need, helping professionals build their businesses, and creating additional value in adjacent markets.” “..Trulia offers 15 mobile apps across multiple platforms, including dedicated apps for renters, mortgage seekers, and agents. Trulia attracts more than 51 million unique house hunters every month, and during peak periods on the weekends, the majority of the traffic is now coming via mobile devices.” Trulia about page.

NY Times

Are you ready for Shark week?

Shark week begins August 10th. It is impressed that “Shark week“, as it is called, has become as popular as it has. Discovery channel created Shark week back in 1987.

shark week live camerasThere are two interesting Facts
It is not just a one time show, but is a week long event and the longest running cable television programming event in history. The week long event is now broadcast in over 72 countries. Longest running cable television event and broadcast in 72 countries are two impressive facts.

Pushing the Envelope
Each year the Discovery channel adds more interesting content. You can now watch a 24×7 live camera from the national aquarium at the Discovery website. While these are sharks in captivity the benefit is that they are very visible due to the lighting.

What are you Wearing for Shark Week?
Blu Kicks have an entire line of men’s and women’s shoes with amazing designs related to various species of fish. They also provide a portion of every sale to help protect threatened habitats through their giving back program. They donate to the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, WildAid and For the Fishes. They are all fish related charities.

To pay homage to shark week, take a look at this shark shoe for women and the unique design.

shark shoe design

shark shoe sole

Take a look at these Shark specific designed shoes and all the shoes that Blu Kicks has. You can support a great cause by supporting them.

Does it Make Sense for GoPro Stockholders to take $213.6 Million?

GoPro recently went public on the Nasdaq:GPRO. Regardless of whether you think it is worth the current valuation or not, what do you think about the stock sold and by whom?

Typically we think of a company going public as a way to raise money for the company itself. For example, let us assume a company sells 1,000,000 shares for $10 at their public offering. The company ends up with $10,000,000 to help the company grow. After all that is what investors who are buying the stock assume the proceeds are going to be used for.

According to Reuters here is how the stock was offered.
17.8 million shares were offered to the public which broke down into:

  • 8.9 million shares sold by the company
  • 8.9 million shares sold by stockholders

The pricing was $24 a share which breaks the proceeds down into:

  • $213.6 Million for the company to use
  • $213.6 Million for stockholders

According to Celebrity Networth here is how the family of founder Nick Woodman made out:

  • Nick Woodman (and wife): Cashed out 3,600,000 shares for $86 million. They still own a substantial portion of the company, around 48% (dailymail.co.uk).
  • Pilar Woodman (sister): Cashed out 88,000 shares for $2.1 million. She still owns 562,433 shares.
  • Andrea Moody (sister): Cashed out 108,000 shares for $2.6 million. She still owns 972,000 shares.
  • Concepcion Federman (mother): Sold 15,000 shares for $360,000. She still owns 285,000 shares.
  • Dean Woodman (father): Initially sold part of his stock to a VC fund for about $7 million. He still owns 7.25 million shares.

When you look at the contributions, this group of individuals founded the company, seed funded it, work at it and made it what it is today. They deserve every penny and worked hard for it.

However, there was a total of $8.9 million shares sold at the IPO for half the raised capital which did not go to the company, that seems like a lot and thankfully all that information is public as it is important for current shareholders and potential new ones to understand.