Facebook Buys Oculus VR – Deal Points Here

In 2012 Facebook bought Instagram for $1 Billion. Earlier this year, in February, Facebook paid $19 Billion for WhatsApp, now they just bought another company – Oculus VR. Oculus announced it on their blog “Oculus Joins Facebook“.

Facebook paid $2 Billion for Oculus VR
oculus-vrAccording to Forbes it breaks down as follows:

  • $400 million in cash
  • 23.1 million shares of Facebook stock
  • additional $300 million potential earn-out in cash and stock based on “the achievement of certain milestones.”

So they have $400 million in cash and they obtained a substantial amount of Facebook stock. Giving away stock can be a great way to acquire companies in the short term. In the long term there is a balance between what they believe the stock will be worth and what percentage of the future appreciation will be due to the company they acquired. Bottom line is that they only gave up $400 Million in cash for a $2 Billion purchase. Not a bad deal for Facebook, and I would assume a great deal for Oculus VR.

Zuckerberg’s Vision
An excellent Zuckerberg quote – “Mobile is the platform of today, and now we’re also getting ready for the platforms of tomorrow,”. Oculus stated in their press release:

“This partnership is one of the most important moments for virtual reality: it gives us the best shot at truly changing the world. It opens doors to new opportunities and partnerships, reduces risk on the manufacturing and work capital side, allows us to publish more made-for-VR content, and lets us focus on what we do best: solving hard engineering challenges and delivering the future of VR.”

Blu Kicks are Comfortable and they Support Threatened Habitats

I am always looking for something new, different, and when it comes to clothes – comfortable. I have a pair of extremely comfortable slip on shoes from blukicks. Much like Toms, blukicks has a donation program. They donate $1 for every pair of shoes they sell. The brand is inspired by their love of the environment and it shows in the shoe designs.

Donations to Help Threatened Habitats

There are currently three organizations they support. The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, WildAid, and For the Fishes. Not only do they donate for every pair of shoes sold, but they often have additional deals to donate even more through one of the organizations they work with. Blukicks is focused on shoes for seas, helping to do their part along with their customers to assist with preserving the seas and the fish within them.

help threatened habitats

The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust helps to conserve three types of fish: Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit. Each is unique in it’s own way. The BTT takes an approach of research and education, to work with fisherman and preserve these amazing species of fish. WildAid works to try to reduce the demand of the illegal wildlife trade, particularly with regard to sharks. For the Fishes works with Hawaii’s coral reef fish.

Not a Generic Cause But a Specific One

It is too easy these days for a company to say we donate to a large organization and therefore buy our products. Blukicks is different, they have focused on their passion – fish and the seas. They work with, visit, and support these organizations because they have a shared passion. The love for various species of fish in the seas can be shown even in their shoe design.

blue-slip-on-shoeAs I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I have a pair of their Belize Blue shoes. These are inspired by the Whale Shark and look at this image of the shark as it swims through the sole. The spotted markings are visible on the sole, but also on the back of the shoe which resembles the Whale Shark as well. It is the attention to detail that shows their true passion for the fish.

The Sole of Each Shoe is Unique

Each shoe has a unique sole. Take a look at all their choices. The attention to detail is impressive and not something you find in shoe brands these days. Shop mens and womens shoes here.

blukicks soles

Disclaimer: through POA we work with blu kicks, and also note that I wear a pair of Belize Blue shoes regularly.

Down went the King 15.56%

King Digital went public yesterday the 26th of March 2014 and the first day performance was -15.56%. It ended the day down $3.50 from the opening. But do not worry, it still has a market cap in the billions.

king digital went downOne should compare King Digital (KING) to Zynga (ZNGA). Looking back to 2012 Zynga was at $14 and now around $4. It is not the price that matters but the direction in which the price moves which effects the market cap of the company.


Worst 2014 IPO so Far
We are still in the first quarter of 2014 as of the writing of this post. However as you can see from the chart below, created by CNBC here, King Digital has had the worst first day performance of an IPO. What does that really mean? Just that the stock was potentially overpriced on the first day of trading. That does not mean it is a bad company or one that has any problems, just that the market felt it should have been priced slightly lower.


King Digital Entertainment Going Public Today Wednesday March 26

You may know King Digital Entertainment (http://king.com) as they are the maker of Candy Crush Saga. King Digital Entertainment will be going public on with ticker symbol KING. At a price around $22.50 as an opening price they hope to raise around $500 million and have a market cap around $7 billion. I have read that the majority of their revenue is from Candy Crush, so this should be an interesting case study.

candy crush

.COM Domains No Longer Matter as Much as they Used To

Here is why I believe .COM does not matter anymore, or let’s just say it does not matter as much as it use to. This realization started with my kids. Like many things, it is a generational issue and newer generations have outgrown the knee jerk reaction to type in .COM after a company name or word. My kids, as you will see have no preconditioned notion that every name must end in a .COM. Just like they have no idea what MS-DOS is or that I would have to use twelve 5 1/4″ floppy disks to install it over about a period of an hour. Maybe it was not twelve disks or an hour, but it sure felt like it.

Look to the Latest Generation

no more com domainsWhen domains first took off the .COM was the most prolific. All of us during that time became preconditioned to type a .COM after hearing a company name, or brand etc. My kids do not do that at all. When I sit at the computer with them I just assume they would type names into the browser bar, however to my surprise I noticed three things.

First, they prefer search engines to start their journey.
They naturally type in a search engine name and then search for the site they are looking for. If they heard about a new game or movie, website or anything else they may be interested in then they start with a search engine. Next they look at the results and choose the site. When they go back another day to find the same site they often will start again at the search engine, never really knowing what the domain name is in the address bar.

Secondly, if they hear about something they want to look up they ask the entire name.

By entire name I mean they ask for what is before and after the period. In the past I would just ask the name such as target and then type in target.com. That is not what they do, if I were to say target to them, they would as “dot what” and then proceed to type it in the browser bar.

Third, hand held devices.
Like many homes, there are desktops (apple, windows, linux), laptops (apple, windows, linux), tablets (apple and android OS), iphones and android phones, googles OS on all these devices and more. It seems the desktop computer is no longer the go to device anymore. With the smaller devices it is less likely the will type in a domain name or URL, typically they are using an application or clicking links to navigate the web and sites. Therefore the actual domain name may not matter as much anymore.

What does this mean?

There is an entirely new domain gold rush, or is there. On the one hand what if the .COM domain is not considered the only option by the latest generation? In this case the fact that new gtld’s are available may open up a huge number of additional valuable websites as the name you could not get as a .COM may be available as a .guru .photography .luxury .bike .menu and many more. However on the other hand, while it is great that you can now obtain a name you may not of been able to obtain before, it is possible they will not be worth as much as popular .COM domains once were if you are looking to sell the domain some day. If no one is paying attention to the URL of a particular website, then do they really have more or any value?

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