99 Cent Domain Coupons Gone Wild

3 domains for 3 dollarsI decided to make this post because I was surprised to see, but I probably should not have been surprised, to see an amazing deal spread like wildfire. Now the top three (in my opinion) domain name registrars are offering a domain name special for just 99 cents. We all win! And you can take advantage of all three registrars deals to pick up 3 domains for just $3.

Go Daddy 99 Cent Domain Name

Coupon Code: 99coms
Use this Link: GoDaddy 99 Cent Domain Link [another window will open]

godaddy 99 cent coupon 99comsGoDaddy is offering a 99 cent domain name. This is the best deal if you are only obtaining one domain name. If you purchase more than one domain then each additional domain name is $9.99. There are many different GoDaddy coupon codes and which one is best for you depends on how many domains you plan on purchasing. We compare all the domain coupons here in a graphic and table format displaying the savings of each deal and highlighting which is best based on the number of domains you purchase. Here is the 99 cent coupon code for godaddy explained with a video showing exactly how to use the code at their website.

Register.com 99 Cent Domain Name

Coupon Code: { use link below }
Use this Link: Register.com 99 Cent Domain Link [another window will open]

register 99 cent couponRegister.com is now also offering a 99 cent domain name. Here is the best part of their offer. You can get all of these domain types for just 99 cents: .com .net .org .biz .info .us and .brianisthecoolest.

Okay so maybe not the last one, but I have heard rumblings about that particular TLD being offered soon. I think I may need to start a petition, there have to be hundreds of thousands of “Brians” out there, we just need to unite.

But in all seriousness it is a very useful deal since you can obtain any of the most popular top level domain extensions.

Network Solutions 99 Cent Domain Name

Coupon Code: { use link below }
Use this Link: Network Solutions 99 Cent Domain Link [another window will open]

network-solutions-99-cent-couponNetwork Solutions is also offering a 99 cent domain name to stay in the running. This is a big deal in my mind and here is why. Network Solutions used to be the only game in town. Before they opened up the playing field to multiple domain registrars you had no choice but to go to them. And due to the lack of competition their prices were crazy high. Then even when their competition had significantly lower prices Network Solutions still had high prices. I never understood that. Their business seemed to erode right before their eyes as people transferred their domains away. Now finally NetSol (as they are truncated by me and others) is offering not only cheaper domain registrations but now a deal of 99 cent domains. That must have been a very difficult, painful, and time consuming decision. Let’s assume by throwing their hat in the ring they are changing their ways and have become a newer and better company. Either that or they are going down, not sure which, only time will tell. Personally when I used them in the past I had a great experience and I can only imagine they still provide stellar service. I would give them a try, they are the one domain registrar that has been around the longest and the pioneer of domain registrars.

Why not take advantage of all 3 and get a domain at each. For only $3 you will have 3 new bright and shiny domains. You can test out each registrar and transfer later if you prefer one over the other.

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