Raise Money on AngelList

angel listAngelList (angel.co) is a simple site with a clear mission. You can raise money, find companies to invest in, and find a startup job. It fills the needs of a startup nicely. Personally I love the fact that the site is easy to navigate and not cluttered. But that is just the design, the beauty is in the function.

money raised on angel list

Money Raised is Over $12,000,000 in August Alone
As you can see from the screen shot above, AngelList notes startups have met investors and raised over $12,000,000 just this month alone. And it is only the 9th of the month. They also mention that using their platform the startups have connected, or vice versa, with potential hires over 8,000 times so far this month.

Incredible Stats and It is Free
The site and service are free to use, you just sign up and get started. Would you believe that not only are millions being raised through their service but look at these numbers. I read that over 60,000 companies are on AngelList in one capacity or another. Also over 20,000 accredited investors are on the site. There is an excellent in depth article on VentureBeat here.

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