Recent Valuation of an Ad Agency

I like to keep an eye on the valuations of online companies and those that provide online services such as agencies. A valuation is what a company is worth. Sometimes it is speculative if the company is private, other times the valuation is dependent on a round of funding. The actual valuation, if the company is private, is whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Recently an agency named Droga5 was valuated by selling almost half their company.

Droga5 Sells 49%
droga agencyAdWeek wrote about the recent sale of 49% of Droga5 for $115 Million (story here). Since the company sold about half of their stock for $115 Million then the total worth is about $230 Million. Typically a company will sell for a multiple of either gross or net revenue. The article states their 2012 revenue was $59 Million. That means they sold for 4x their revenue which I am going to assume is their gross (total) revenue. I do not know their model but some agencies will buy their customers media for them and then take 15%. That means that a media buy may be included in the gross revenue of which they agency only receives 15%, that may or may not be the case here. However 4x gross revenue is a great deal for Droga5. Congrats to them for creating such value.

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