Tesla Wants to Sell Cars Direct to Consumer

It is amazing to me that someone, a car company or lobbyists, can convince law makers to keep customers from buying an item direct from the manufacturer. That is exactly what may happen at the state level. Tesla has created a petition at the WhiteHouse.gov website. You can sign the petition by following this link here and a new window will open. This morning, July 2, 2013, I signed as #90,200 and this evening as I write this the total count sits at 102,976 with many more to be added today I am sure. The petition is to allow Tesla to sell direct to consumers in all 50 states.

telsa petitionI personally love the Tesla car company building cars in the US that do not require gas, all electric cars that seem to have jumped the typical car evolutionary cycle that the larger manufacturers seem to follow. I wrote about how I believed that Tesla is Redefining an Entire Industry in More Ways than One. This is yet another way they are redefining the auto industry. Hopefully one day I will be able to purchase a Tesla and direct from Tesla.

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