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One of the latest coupons for is the 30% off coupon. This is particularly useful when you have a large purchase. The coupon is good for whatever you may have in your shopping cart. It can be a substantial discount when you are purchasing items such as web hosting for an entire year. That is almost $100 off of a $300 order.

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Many Products and One Big Discount
While Go Daddy did start originally as a domain registrar, they have grown into many more services and products. I guess I should say that they were originally a tech company before they became a registrar but that was a long time ago. Okay back to the present, hosting was a natural progression after domain names. Here is a partial list of the additional products they have and you may be interested in. There are SSL Certificates, Website protection scanners, premium DNS managers, online storage, faxing through email, and marketing services such as PPC advertising and search engine optimization. Believe it or not all of these services are available at Go Daddy.

Site Products
Many of the site products are items that you will eventually use or want to use. A website protection site scanner is very important. You want to make sure your site is safe for a couple of reasons. First of all you need to assure that your site is safe for your customers or visitors. You do not want anyone to get into your site and corrupt files or leave bad programs for others to pick up. Your hosting company will shut down your site if it becomes infected, or at least can at their will. Also, search engines like google will flag your site as dangerous and no one will want to visit it. So site protection scan products are becoming more popular as they tell you if you site is having issues. Also an SSL certificate is important if you are selling online and for other reasons, particularly if someone joins your site and provides personal information. SSL stands for secure socket layer and keeps the information between your website and the individual safe and secure. So take a look at all the small business, and large business, friendly products.

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