Latest Internet and New Media Fundings

On venture capital update we list Internet and new media fundings every day. Once a week we create a video show the quickly runs through all of the fundings and what each one does while showing a snapshot of their website. This is a quick way to see who is receiving funding in what industry. Particularly if you’re an entrepreneur you will be interested to see which types of sites and businesses are getting funded.

Many times I’m impressed with the companies that receive money. However, like you, I often see companies that surprise me in terms of how much money they raise. It is also interesting to see sites that are in various forms of development. It really goes to show that you never know who will fund what. Below is the latest video as well as a link to the companies discussed in each funding and a link to the venture capital update website to read more about each.

There are also coupons provided at the site for hosting and domains. In case you want to get started with your own online site this March. The March deals provide economical hosting and domains at an unheard of price.

Venture capital update fundings for the week of March 1st to March 7th.

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