How SSL Certificates Work

Almost all the entrepreneurs who have their own websites and the people who visit them are always wary of the information present in the websites. Every day, millions of people use the internet to buy products and services from online stores. The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates are an effective means to ensure security in all such transactions. Godaddy is a company that provides certificates for you. ssl in browserHere is an example of how a secure site is presented to the visitor to your site if you have a certificate. See the image to the right and note the lock in the browser. This will hopefully make your visitors more comfortable with purchasing from you.

To understand better, here is what happens when a web browser is connected to a secure website that is SSL certified:

  • The browser of a PC requests a secure page (this usually starts with https).
  • The server sends the public key along with a certificate.
  • The browser then checks the certificate and identifies the third party who has issued the same. The validity of the certificate and how it is related to the site is determined.
  • The browser than uses the public key to encrypt the encryption key and the same is sent to the server with the secure URL and the relevant data.
  • The web server then decrypts the encryption key and uses it to decrypt the URL and data.
  • The server sends back the document and the data is encrypted with the symmetric key.
  • The final step is that the browser decrypts the http data and the html document with the help of the key and the information is shared successfully.

ssl certificates

Benefits of SSL certificates:
Data protection – It provides protection to the data or information which is shared between a browser and server. It also helps in conducting a private conversation between two parties. The public key is used to encrypt information and the private key is used decipher the password.

Buying an SSL Certificate
You want to make sure you will not have any issues with the certificate, particularly when visitors are purchasing from you. Be careful who you purchase them from.

Establish identity – These certificates establish the identity of any web server. Essential when it comes to security in any online transactions. Customers will feel a sense of security which is good for any online business. For any such business, this is a key feature which will attract customers.

All the browsers and operating systems are available with a pre installed list of reliable authorities that can issue certificates. These authorities help in forming a link between a server and a web browser effectively. Therefore, one has to be very careful whilst checking such a certificate.