Cyber Monday 2011 Reaches $1.25 Billion

The total for Cyber Monday 2011 was $1.25 billion which is 22% higher than 2010. This was the largest online spending day in history. Two days prior, Black Friday 2011 was up 18% over 2010.

Breakdown of Cyber Monday Spending
Cyber Monday 2011 SalesHere are the specifics of how much was spent and how it was being spent. This data and information is provided by the latest Comscore report, find even more detail here in their press release. The most interesting statistic to me was the fact that a million more people shopped online and the average order size increased as well.

This does not necessarily mean the economy is doing better, it could just be that some brick and mortar shoppers decided to shop online instead. So I do not know if this is any indicator of the economy turning around but I do know it means online business continues to trend up. Due to the number of online deals and coupons it is apparent that retailers understand the value of online sales.

What an incredible Cyber Monday.

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