Black Friday 2011 Online Sales

See the chart below regarding online sales so far for November compared to last year. The chart and information is provided by Comscore here in a press release.

2011 Black Friday Online Sales
The following chart shows the change from 2010 spending to 2011 spending in millions. Note that the first 25 days of November this year the spending was up 15% over the same time last year.

  • Thanksgiving day (Nov 24th) was up 18% over last year
  • Black Friday (Nov 25th) was up 26% over Black Friday 2010

    That is a significant jump in spending and particularly on Black Friday. The total for the first 25 days was $12,737,000, impressive considering Cyber Monday has not yet concluded and there are 30 days in November. black friday 2011 online sales

    Total Year End 2011 Sales
    Based on the continued use of online coupons and I would not be surprised if using a coupon online has become more common place and lending to higher sales. Last year the Cyber Monday 2010 Sales were over $1 Billion. It will be interesting to see how this Cyber Monday fares as compared to this years Black Friday.

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