FTC Initiative Do Not Track Consumers

The FTC issued an online privacy report which has been deemed the “Do Not Track” report. You can find the FTC Release Here. Here is a quote from that release:

The proposed report also suggests implementation of a “Do Not Track” mechanism – likely a persistent setting on consumers’ browsers – so consumers can choose whether to allow the collection of data regarding their online searching and browsing activities.

Maybe I am thinking too much but it seems odd that they would assume it is their decision to determine how to implement a feature in a browser. They actually say it is “likely” to be a persistent setting on consumers’ browsers, that strikes me as odd. That is like your boss saying “we have a problem and you need to fix it, so you have three choices A, B and C, and by the way I think it is likely you will choose C and as you know I can cause you harm, of course do whatever you like but I have a gut feeling you will choose C.”

I am not saying this report is not helpful and due to cases of abuse by companies online, it is welcomed. I just found that statement very interesting. You can find links to the privacy report itself on the right sidebar of the FTC Release Here.


  1. TrafficColeman says:

    It just seems like the FTC is trying to strong arm everyone, and want to push people around. I’m just tired of the crap their doing.

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