Microsoft AdCenter and Yahoo Search go Bing

Search Marketing with Microsoft and Yahoo
If you have been search marketing on both Bing and Yahoo you will soon, according to Microsoft, be using the Microsoft Advertising adCenter to manage your campaigns on both Yahoo! Search and Bing. If you only use Yahoo Search then you will need to brush up on a few differences with the adCenter interface.

Migration to Microsoft adCenter
Here are a few of the reminders from Microsoft:

• adCenter allows you to bid separately for singular/plural variations and common misspellings of keywords, giving you more granular control over your ROI.
• There are three match types in adCenter: exact, phrase, and broad match. When you transition your Yahoo! campaigns to adCenter, advanced match keywords will be set to broad match, and standard match keywords will be set to exact match.
• You can specify unique bids for each match type, to align bids to match type performance. For example, you can bid more for exact match keywords for your core products and services, to help you reach highly qualified potential customers.
• As more and more Yahoo! advertisers begin using adCenter, you may see an increase in the number of advertisers bidding on your keywords, which could affect your ad’s position.
• If your ad’s position has gone down due to increased competition, consider adjusting your bids and setting incremental bids as needed to help meet your objectives.

My favorite reminder is the last one that basically says “spend more money with us” haha.

Migration Over Time
They mentioned the full transition will be in October, late October. So be sure to log into both accounts constantly until you are sure Yahoo Search is turned off. They also have a webinar on Wednesday, September 29, at 11 am Pacific Time, where Yahoo! and Microsoft experts will walk you through the transition tool.


  1. I have only ever used Google Adwords for my campaigns, and I KNOW I am missing out by doing that.

    I have never wanted to try and work out the difference in interface etc. However, now the transition has been initiated/completed I suspect there is even more reason to try MSN adcenter out.

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