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Use GoDaddy hosting promo code FAN20 for 20% Off website hosting. The FAN20 hosting coupon for 20% off on hosting is always the better deal. However, if you choose a month to month plan you will want to use coupon PETS1 for 10% off web hosting. With the free online advertising credits you actually make money on this deal. Go to GoDaddy Here.

Limited Offer for 2012:
go20off 20% Off Your Entire Order
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GoDaddy Hosting Coupons
FAN2020% off Hosting plans of 1yr or more [ direct link here ]
PAN1 10% off month to month plans [ direct link here ]
FAN123 20% off Website Tonight Website Tonight is a point and click website setup and design product [ direct link here ]

Domain Name Specials
FUN3 $7.49 .COMs – 42% off [ direct link here ]
399US1 $3.99 .US Domains [ direct link here ] { good from June 15th to July 15 }

* See the entire list of Go Daddy Coupons here for hosting, domains, auction accounts, SSL certificates and more.

Most think of GoDaddy for domains but they are also very competitive in their hosting. For 12 months of web hosting you get a great package and it ends up only costing $45 with the promo coupon FAN20. Simply enter the promo code at checkout. On the right side of checkout you will see a box that reads Enter Promo or Source Code. Click that link and a box will appear where you enter the godaddy hosting coupon. Once you enter it hit the Apply link and the discount will be applied.

Step by Step Instructions for Applying the Coupons at Checkout.

Web Hosting Perks
With the $45 a year package you also get $95 in free advertising credits. These are credits with Google, MSN and Facebook. Looks like you can make $50 after you redeem the credits. Same information can be found on the Squidoo page about GoDaddy hosting coupon in detail.

Website Hosting Types
There are multiple types of hosting accounts available. There are the typical hosting accounts to create any presence you like. Also available are accounts specific to WordPress, blogs, podcasts and more. You can also have entire servers, dedicated servers, virtual dedicated servers and even cloud servers. You can even have application add-ons, analytics and additional IPs if needed for your hosting.

Recently they added what they call their 4GH Hosting. This is their 4th generation hosting. There is also a godaddy wordpress hosting account to get up and running fast. Most hosting companies put your site, your web space, on one computer. Other websites are also on that one computer. This is the typical definition of shared hosting. There are problems that can arise. For example if someone elses website that is on the same computer has problems and brings down the computer than your site goes down also. If your website or another website on that computer becomes very popular the amount of traffic can also cause server problems. That can bring down your site. What larger companies typically do is use a load balancer. Load balanced web hosting takes the incoming traffic and routes it to one of many computers, your website hosting files are copied onto multiple computers and therefore the “load” (which are visitors to your site) is spread among many computers. Now your site does not go down due to too much traffic, nor will another site cause you problems. There is much more that the 4GH godaddy hosting does for websites you but that gives you an idea of it’s website hosting capability.


  1. I did not realize godaddy hosting had such amazing prices and features. These are very good deals. Thank you.

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