Teaching my Boys Blogging, eCommerce and Twitter

Help me educate my boys about the power of online communication.

I am working with my three boys and the catalyst is a fund raiser for their elementary school. Actually it is just my twins right now, they just turned 6 and are in first grade. My third is 3. If they can navigate to NickJr.com, HotWheels.com and other sites, they can certainly grasp the ability to program, create and communicate.

My desire is that they learn to create and not just consume.

I am attempting to teach my boys to be entrepreneurs through social media, the power of relationships and applying using the most powerful online tools to achieve their goals. My desire is that they learn to create and not just consume. Learning to use the proper tools and how to innovate and create new tools is my ultimate goal.

Our Experiment
The lesson is to use Twitter (Longest Brothers Twitter) and this Blog (Longest Brothers Blog) to update regularly. For now we have created their own Twitter account where they will send daily messages and send out the results as soon as the fundraiser is over, October 8th, 2008.

How you fit in
The goal is to achieve as many sales as possible for their fundraiser, the proceeds go to their Elementary school named Liberty Elementary in South Riding, VA. They get a point for each sale regardless of the price of the item, they have items under $10. To assist them please make a purchase and associate it to one of the boys, or two separate purchases and associate one purchase to each of the boys.

Step 1

Go to Lavenders Online Here, the instructions for checkout so the the twins receive credit is on the right, the screen is framed. They accept PayPal. This site does not use typical affiliate links so you must enter the following at checkout:

  • School name: Liberty Elementary
  • City: South Riding, VA
  • Student Name: Dylan Longest/Nicholas Longest
  • ID: 082416700

To Purchase Click Here

Step 2

Follow them on Twitter, add them by going to the Longest Brothers Twitter here to follow their daily updates. They will let you know what prize they won if they achieved enough sales, the more sales – the more points – and the better prize they get. Any prize, no matter what it is will show them the power of online communications and relationships. This will also make an interesting case study.

Please complete the above before October 8th when their competition ends


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